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If every company knew they could upgrade old lighting with new efficient lighting technology that is better for the environment and saved them money, wouldn't they? Shouldn't they?

At MD Tech Electrical Solutions, Inc. we understand that environmental responsibility must be carefully balanced with real-world business application that produces green savings. Converting to green and alternative energy sounds great, but it doesn't have to mean more expensive. What sets us apart at MD Tech is that we can help you convert to cleaner lighting that actually keeps the green in your bottom line. So, our goal is simple - we want to help you capitalize on green energy rebate incentives that quickly produce quantifiable costs savings and make the entire process easy to implement. Additionally, we believe every individual and company plays a role in protecting our planet for future generational prosperity, so even if it means tackling this one light at a time, that's what we're going to do.

Audit & Approval –

Preliminary PhaseEnergy AuditDuring this first meeting ELC will determine the overall goals of the lighting project and will perform an energy assessment of the facility. The results of the energy audit will determine the ROI of the project as well as rebate potential.Utility ApprovalThe energy assessment is analyzed and a proposal of energy-efficiency measures and energy savings is submitted to the local utility company for evaluation.Project Presentation & ApprovalOnce we have the utility company's approval, ELC will detail energy savings and financing structures to the customer for review and approval.Planning & Install – Project PhaseFacility ReviewELC Project Manager performs a room-by-room facility evaluation to determine the implementation strategy and discuss the installation plans with the customer.InstallationELC installs new, energy-efficient equipment and removes old equipment.Final Inspection – Savings Implementation PhasePost-InspectionA post-inspection of the facility may be performed by the utility company, with the ELC Project Manager, to ensure compliance with program guidelines.

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